What Are The Best Tools To Use For Content Marketing?

What Are The Best Tools To Use For Content Marketing – Content marketing is one of the most significant marketing activities for companies nowadays. One of the most common content marketing mistakes is a lack of strategic planning. Many of us lack the time to create, monitor, and compare material as well as stay up to date on SEO and rivals.

That is why there are so many excellent tools for content development, marketing, tracking, and monitoring. These are tools that can help you with a wide range of content marketing needs, including email automation segmentation keyword optimisation and much more.


Keyword research is the first step in developing your content marketing plan. And here is where Ahrefs comes in. You may utilise Ahrefs to learn more about your target keywords, including how difficult they are to rank for and who is currently ranking for them. You may also use their content explorer to assist you answer the most frequently asked questions. Overall, this is a valuable resource for any content marketer.

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HubSpot is a renowned tool and a terrific site to follow if you want to understand all about content marketing. They are typically focused on inbound marketing, making them ideal for small firms looking to develop a strong content marketing strategy. This is an excellent tool for content curation, optimisation, social scheduling, and email automation.

Google Search Console

Google’s search console will assist you in determining the keywords for which you are now ranking and how well (or poorly) you are performing. Even better, it will show you exactly what keywords people are using to reach you, which will be extremely useful when developing your content strategy there’s little purpose in targeting terms that people don’t associate with your business.


Grammarly is an essential tool for business workers who need to write and publish material with impeccable grammar, spelling, and punctuation. It assists authors in improving their work by detecting over 250 sorts of faults, including punctuation flaws, word choice errors, subject-verb agreement issues, and more. Install the plugin to get real-time grammar help at your fingertips. Grammarly’s free online editor lets you modify texts in Microsoft Word or Google Docs.


There is a reason 43% of websites are developed with WordPress. Bloggers, eCommerce store owners, and businesses have all benefited from the ease with which you can create a site from the ground up on this platform. WordPress, however, is capable of much more. In addition to simple site layouts, WordPress has dozens of add-ons and SEO tools, allowing you to significantly increase your audience and conversion potential.

SEM Rush

SEM stands for Search Engine Marketing, and this tool provides almost everything you need to study and implement SEM on your website. It allows you to identify your competitors’ keywords and spy on them quickly and effortlessly to see how they rank. This is for organic traffic, but you can also review your competitors’ adverts, compare domains, and produce thorough analytics reports.


Writing for people is no longer enough when it comes to content; you must also write for SEO. This entails optimising your content to target your selected keyword and naturally incorporating it as well as any secondary keywords. The goal here is to achieve a balance where the information reads organically to the human eye while also adhering to a format that any bots crawling the website will understand. Yoast is an excellent tool for tracking your SEO progress; it’s a WordPress plugin that examines your content for SEO compatibility as you write it and provides feedback to help you improve it before publishing. Another must-have for the content marketing toolkit.

Google Trends

Use Google Trends to quickly and easily uncover content ideas that have a high possibility of becoming viral. If you already have an idea, you may check here to see how applicable it is to the global readership. This is a rather basic tool with few extra special features, but it’s easy to use and suitable for novices seeking for reliable methods of obtaining content ideas.

Final Words

When it comes to content marketing, it’s a gift that there are so many tools available to assist us stay organised while also learning how to create an audience from the comfort of our own homes. And, because many of these technologies are so inexpensive, we may learn how to remain competitive and increase our bottom line simply by using them in a casual setting.

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