J.R.R. Tolkien the Magician Behind Middle Earth 

J R R Tolkien

J.R.R. Tolkien (born January 3, 1892, in Bloemfontein, South Africa. He died September 2, 1973, Bournemouth, Hampshire, England). He was an English writer and scholar best known for The Hobbit (1937) and The Lord of the Rings (1954–55).

He was born in a South African mining town destined to change fantasy fiction. Though no one then predicted his future fame, we now know him worldwide as JR R Tolkien. He is the revered godfather of fantasy writing and creator of the Lord of the Rings epic universe. It is filled with wizards, elves, unlikely dwarf heroes and golden rings of power. He is considered ad the father of high fantasy, his woven land of “Middle Earth”. Also, realized languages, sweeping mythology and unlikely pint-sized heroes in the form of hobbits. It resonates with readers enchanted by soaring imagination.

Beyond his celebrated fiction, Tolkien also forged a career at Oxford University. He was the Professor lecturing on ancient linguistics and seminal texts like Beowulf. But his classroom role would be eclipsed by the larger-than-life myths he seeded. Ones that would ignite collective literary imagination for generations. As we unpack the life journey of this unlikely figure. The South African sunsets that shone on baby Ronald back in 1892. He could hardly have portended he’d set millions of minds afire through writings. He crafted amid England’s sombre grey skies and rainy days. Yet so he did!

Early Life

Young Ronald’s early years in South African landscapes kindled a vivid imagination. Tribal languages and exotic wildlife fueled epic adventures with siblings. It offset the grief after his father Arthur succumbed to rheumatic fever. Upon returning to England’s cold dreariness. His mother Mabel struggled to support her family alone. Nostalgic tales spun in my grandfather’s woodshop. And long nature walks provided some escape. But diabetes tragically took her too by Ronald’s twelfth year.

Orphaned abruptly, custodianship transferred to Father Francis Morgan. Who oversaw the children’s education and spiritual instruction per their mother’s wishes. While Ronald’s days tackled scholarly Latin and religious theory. And evenings wandered the elaborate fantasy realms populated in his mind. There, entire civilizations with rich languages awaited to transfer one day to tangible pages. Once academic milestones like Oxford were achieved.

It was at university that Tolkien expanded his artistic ambitions. He studied poetry and medieval literature amidst England’s esteemed spires. It was also there he met his dear wife Edith. She was a lifelong anchor amidst early years buffeted by misfortune. Their partnership shortly faced World War I’s sacrifices together. And then they welcomed their beloved first child John. And Priscilla, Michael and Christopher soon followed.

Academic Career

After a stint as an assistant at the Oxford English Dictionary. Tolkien secured a professor post at Leeds University. He helped define the emerging field of English Language studies. By 1925, he was back lecturing at Oxford. Where he explored Anglo-Saxon poems and texts still in academia’s infancy. Beyond required syllabi, late-night grading opened creative windows as well! Who knew that a single written line about an underground hobbit would change the rules of magic forever?

The Inklings

Surrounded by Oxford’s inspired intellectual circles. Tolkien befriended fellow writer C.S. Lewis. His works would also enter generations. Late-night conversations in smoky rooms. Their informal “Inklings” club sparked creativity all around. Tolkien shared tentative chapters of mythological stories brewing since childhood. It was not just meant for his own clan but for eager external eyes. After much urging, a fuller tale of Bilbo and dwarves was completed. And whimsically titled “The Hobbit”.

The Hobbit and Rings Literary Phenomenon

While crafting discourse by day. Tolkien’s evenings wandered back to rich escapist lands he had mapped since his youth. Those wandering paths found their way onto tangible pages. When a children’s story began percolating about a homely creature called Bilbo Baggins. What started as silly rhyming poems to amuse his offspring gained heft. And complexity over time, weaving an elaborate ongoing mythology around this discovery of a powerful golden ring.

As the story develops life beyond bedtime amusements. Tolkien integrated high epic themes of honour, sacrifice and perseverance against encroaching evil. The initial publication of The Hobbit sparked intrigue and demand for sequels. He has nothing prepared readers for the sprawling masterpiece decades in the making that emerged.


When Edith passed on, Tolkien returned to their burrowed Shire of Oxford where the original seeds of Middle Earth had germinated. As he took his last breath in 1973. The legendary writer must have felt some contentment that the lore. And people of those lands he imagined would thrive in the reader’s hearts.

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