Lights, Camera, Animation! Learn How to Make an Animated Web Series

It is likely that if you have been animating for a long time, you have a lot of information and expertise to impart to animators who are just starting. Fortunately, there is a way to grow your network and establish credibility for your business while also assisting other animators in thriving in the field. Blogging is the solution!

Having been around for around 20 years, blogging has grown to be a vital aspect of online culture. Neither is this practice going away. Since blogging has so many advantages, it will only get better in the future. Sharing your experiences on the internet is an effective approach to promote yourself, build your following, and even attract clients in the animation industry.

Describe animation

The technique of taking sequential photos of drawings, models, or even puppets to simulate movement is called animation. Our eyes can only hold an image for about a tenth of a second, so when numerous images emerge quickly one after the other, the brain combines them into one moving image.

Traditionally, animation involves painting or drawing images on sheets of transparent celluloid that are then photographed. While there are still some early cartoons in existence, the majority of animated films produced nowadays use computer-generated imagery or CGI.

The frame rate, or the number of consecutive images displayed per second, is taken into consideration to give the impression of seamless motion from these painted, drawn, or computer-generated images. Typically, moving characters are drawn “on twos,” which translates to one image being displayed for two frames, or 12 drawings per second. Motion is possible at 12 frames per second, but it could appear jagged. For fluid motion, a frame rate of 24 frames per second is frequently employed in the movie.

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Writing a Screenplay

The blueprint serves as the basis for the development of a building. In a similar vein, your video’s script serves as its framework. You should choose what will be in your video as the scriptwriter. Even though at first this may seem overwhelming, with a little homework, things may become fairly simple.

You must draft a strong video brief before beginning to compose the screenplay for your project. This will assist you in identifying the main point of your video, your target viewership, and your objective.

A storyboard

To create an animation video, a storyboard is necessary. It will allow decision-makers and partners to see a concept of the ultimate product before you begin production. Making a storyboard can assist novices in determining whether or not their video project will be successful. It will also enable you to make adjustments to your script and images to produce the most engaging animation video possible.

Making a storyboard serves the function of organising your animation film scene by scene. Think of it as your animation video’s comic strip.

How are storyboards made?

If you’re not very good at sketching, making storyboards the old-fashioned method can end up looking disorganised. Still, there are substitutes available online.

Animaker is often used for this. Despite being a full-featured video production tool, its easy-to-use drag-and-drop interface makes storyboarding a breeze.

DIY of making animated web series

The above-mentioned techniques can be costly. DIY apps are your best friend if you need a fantastic animation video but have a tight budget.

Indeed! You are capable of doing it alone.

All you require is a computer with internet connectivity. All you need to do is register for a do-it-yourself program such as Animaker and begin producing animated films right from your computer browser. 

You can make any kind of video yourself with Animaker. To quickly make the greatest animation video possible, you can also utilise our enormous collection of templates and the largest animation library in the world. Alternatively, you may simply start from scratch and make your video.


The 2D animation programme has made it easier than ever to create cartoon videos. It’s about time you get to work on making your animated film! You may be interested in learning how to make a video with images and music now that you have a thorough understanding of generating animated videos. One of the most cherished cinema genres for many decades has been animation, and it’s fascinating to see what innovative method may emerge next.

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