How To Make 3d Animation Video

The animation industry is dynamic and ever-changing. New technologies and shifting client tastes are the primary motivators. Animation is a thriving industry today, with applications in a wide range of areas including cinema, television, gaming, advertising, and more.

The video game industry benefits immensely from the use of 3D animation. Game developers can use extremely detailed 3D models and textures to create unique gaming experiences that gamers like.

What is a 3D animation?

3D animation is all about moving characters, props, and other objects such as vehicles and other instruments and giving them life within the frames of television, games, movies, and films. Computer animation uses 3D images to create motion in 2D animated objects, giving them the appearance and feel of 3D animation. These 3D objects are now built first and then altered using 3D software. 

With the help of these manipulations, we can see that 3D objects are moving in a predetermined environment. Even before your product is manufacture, a 3D product animation movie can provide your audience with a thorough and realistic close-up glimpse of it from different angles. Ideal for new products in the last phases of production and can be utilised before a physical product launch, as product videos for your website, and longer-form videos for your company’s YouTube channel.

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Steps for Creating an Amazing 3D Animation

The 3D animation process is complex, with several steps that mimic the beginning and finish of the movie process. Let’s look at these steps in greater detail to see what’s involved.

Build a Storyboard

You must first generate an idea and then transfer it into visual form. Before beginning 3D video production, animators construct a storyboard. Conceptualise your business ideas and create a storyboard that meets your video requirements. A storyboard, unlike a blueprint, focuses on key aspects to be used in the 3D product animation movie.

Create Characters Through 3D Modelling

Following the creation of a product video storyboard, 3D modelling entails the construction of an environment, people, and props within and around the storyboard. Modelling involves transforming your storyboard into something meaningful. You must focus on using 3D elements and approaches that will enhance the film.

Add colour, texture, and design to your video

The next step in creating a 3D product film is to add colours, texture, design, and 3D/2D objects to give the video a visual appearance. You can utilise software to make attractive images and animations that meet the project criteria. Editing is important for making your product visually appealing.


The animator will generate 3D objects and arrange them in the video. Here, animator skills are particularly important since they will employ computer controls and other video assets to change animation techniques.

Add Music

Music is enjoyable and refreshing. To change the viewer’s mood, animators utilise music backgrounds to make your product film more engaging and attractive. The music draws in viewers, and they like watching your video even more. Various sound effects add emotions to your video, making it stunning.

Learning Animation Principles for 3D Models 

To produce a fascinating 3D animated series, fundamental animation principles must be understood and used. These principles include anticipation, timing, squash and stretch, follow-through, and exaggeration. Timing ensures that movements flow organically and in sync with the overall rhythm of the action. Anticipation provides weight and authenticity to movements by allowing characters to prepare before carrying out a specific activity. 

Squash and stretch give objects and characters volume and flexibility, and follow-through guarantees that elements continue to move after the original motion is completed. Finally, exaggeration helps you to highlight emotions or actions in your animation, adding flair.


When you share your masterpiece with the public, make sure to go over the entire series and make any necessary changes or enhancements. Consider soliciting comments from friends, family, or online groups to gain useful insights. Editorial checks are require to offer the intended result to your client and earn their faith in your services. Once the company is satisfied with the total video production, it submits the project to the client, who expects immediate results. Final editing is require to identify any defects in the video that could hurt your reputation.

3D product animation videos make it easier to do business by engagingly explaining your brand. Marketers employ 3D product animation films to reach their target audience without exerting much effort.

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