How did Shakespeare become a poet?

For the unparalleled contributions in the field of literature, Shakespeare is known to be an immortal figure. We have witnessed his contribution including poetry and drama. He had worked in the literature field for centuries captivating audiences with their depth and timeless themes. We all know, he is widely regarded as one of the greatest poets in history.

But did you ever wonder how a boy from the provincial town of Stratford upon Avon has become the iconic poet? In this blog, we’ll be looking at an overview of how Shakespeare became a poet.

The journey of William Shakespeare was not all easy. During his time, the education was formally reserved for the privileged students. The opportunities were limited and were based on the social and economic class of the citizens. Besides all this, Shakespeare worked hard towards his passion. He profoundened his knowledge, understood the power of presence and made an impact on literature. The education he had received was very formal which didn’t let him follow the conventional paths. His experience and upbringing had still laid the foundation of his poetic journey which was enriched by the special education life skills of his time.

Shakespeare was born in 1564 and his father was a glove maker. The young boy had likely attended the local grammar school where he received a basic education in Latin, literature and rhetoric. While he had not received special education life skills, his exposure to language and literature surely influenced his development as a poet. During that time, London was experiencing a kind of cultural renaissance for poetry and drama, then where Shakespeare was exposed to the works of playwrights Christopher Marlowe, Ben Johnson and Thomas Kyd including other classical authors like Plutarch and Ovid.

Early works

Even after not getting a special education, life skills helped Shakespeare to establish their image as a poet. In his early days, he had worked on narrative poems including Venus and Adonis, the rape of Lucrece. Various poems which were dedicated to wealthy patrons like the Earl of Southampton, helped him financially as well.


To have a special education life skill is not necessary, this is what Shakespeare has proved. Shakespeare apart from his solo works has contributed with other poets and playwrights as well. His various early plays show the signs of his collaboration with various other writers, including Thomas Nashe and George Peele. These collaborations and experiments had given the advantage to Shakespeare to experiment with different styles.

Through his characters and narratives, Shakespeare delved into the depths of the human psyche, love, ambition, betrayal etc which can also be seen in his plays as well which have their inner conflicts and challenges.


In knowing Shakespeare’s journey to poetic mastery through special education life skills, it’s essentially important to recognise the role of adaptability, resilience and communication. His works have been translated into various major languages and now continue to be taught, studied, performed, and celebrated across the globe. 

Through his poems, plays, and sonnets he left an unforgettable mark on literature and theatre. 


Shakespeare’s one of most enduring contributions to English literature was 154 sonnets. The sonnets demonstrated the mastery of language imagery and metaphor as well which cemented his order as the top poet around the world. Shakespeare’s sonnets explore themes of love, beauty, theme and mortality written in the form of 14-line poems. Amongst them, many sonnets of Shakespeare were addressed to a young man, commonly known as the Fair Youth while other characters were addressed to a mysterious Dark lady.

In addition to the poetic talents, he has gained the dramatic craft as well. One more thing that was very interesting about the dramatics of Shakespeare was, that his plays included the complexities of human relationships dynamics and power of politics and of course the moral dilemma of existence.


At last, the journey of Shakespeare from an ordinary boy to becoming an unparalleled poet was not easy. He had involved a combination of factors which were his talent, the cultural milieu of the Renaissance and course his ability to navigate the complexities. As we continue to study and celebrate his works, we would feel honoured to experience his achievements and his talent.

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