A Whisker Away Rating: Insightful Review of Heartwarming Film

”A Whisker Away” (authentic identify: “Nakitai Watashi wa Neko o Kaburu”) is an enchanting Japanese animated film that captures the essence of magical realism, teenage angst, and the transformative power of love. Directed by way of Junichi Sato and Tomotaka Shibayama, and written by Mari Okada, this film was released on Netflix in June 2020. Since its launch, “A Whisker Away” has garnered vast attention and mixed opinions from audiences and critics alike. In this blog, we will discover the plot, animation, character development, and basic effect of “A Whisker Away,” imparting a complete score and assessment of this delightful film.

Plot Overview

“A Whisker Away” follows the tale of Miyo Sasaki, an unusual and lively center college woman who harbors an unrequited weigh down on her classmate, Kento Hinode. Struggling together with her feelings and dealing with challenges at home, Miyo discovers a mystical mask that lets her convert into a cat. 

As a cat, she unearths solace and the possibility to grow in the direction of Kento, who’s unaware of her actual identity. However, as Miyo becomes increasingly reliant on her feline shape, she faces dropping her humanity all the time. The narrative beautifully explores themes of identification, love, and the yearning for recognition, making it a poignant and relatable tale for visitors of all ages.

Animation Quality

The animation in “A Whisker Away” is nothing short of brilliant. Produced by Studio Colorido, recognized for their paintings on “Penguin Highway,” the film boasts colorful and meticulously crafted visuals. The person’s designs are expressive and charming, taking pictures of the essence of every persona. The backgrounds are lush and specific, immersing the target market in the captivating international of Tokoname, the movie’s putting. 

The transformation sequences, wherein Miyo shifts between her human and cat forms, are fluid and visually fascinating, highlighting the studio’s prowess in mixing conventional animation strategies with current aptitude. Overall, the animation greatly enhances the storytelling revel, making “A Whisker Away” a visible deal with.

Character Development

Character improvement is a vital thing of any narrative, and “A Whisker Away” excels in this regard. Miyo Sasaki, the protagonist, is a multi-dimensional individual whose adventure is heartwarming and heartrending. Her struggles with self-identity, familial issues, and unrequited love are portrayed with depth and sensitivity. 

Kento Hinode, her love hobby, is first of all depicted as aloof and remote, but as the tale progresses, his layers are peeled returned, revealing a compassionate and understanding individual. The supporting characters, such as Miyo’s family, buddies, and the enigmatic Mask Seller, add richness to the plot, each contributing to Miyo’s increase and self-discovery.

Themes and Messages

“A Whisker Away” delves into several profound subject matters that resonate with audiences. The concept of identity and the look for self-reputation are primary to Miyo’s adventure. Her transformation right into a cat symbolizes her preference to get away from her issues and discover an easier existence, however, it also serves as a reminder of the importance of dealing with one’s troubles head-on. The film additionally explores the complexities of affection and the courage it takes to specific real feelings. Through Miyo and Kento’s evolving relationship, visitors are reminded of the cost of information, empathy, and open verbal exchange in forming meaningful connections.

Soundtrack and Voice Acting

The soundtrack of “A Whisker Away” complements its whimsical and emotional narrative flawlessly. Composed by using Mina Kubota, the track stages from playful and lighthearted tunes to poignant and introspective melodies, improving the emotional impact of key scenes. The voice appearance is every other highlight, with Mirai Shida delivering a compelling overall performance as Miyo Sasaki. Natsuki Hanae, voicing Kento Hinode, brings intensity and nuance to his character. The English dub, presenting proficient actors like Cherami Leigh and Johnny Yong Bosch, is similarly commendable, ensuring that the movie’s emotional resonance is not lost in translation.

Critical Reception and Ratings

“A Whisker Away” has obtained combined high quality evaluations from critics and audiences. On Rotten Tomatoes, the film holds a decent rating, with praise directed closer to its animation first-rate, emotional intensity, and creative storytelling. Some critics have stated that while the movie’s premise is fascinating, positive plot factors might have been extra very well explored. Despite those reviews, the general reception has been favorable, with many viewers appreciating the movie’s heartfelt narrative and charming visuals.


In the end, “A Whisker Away” is a captivating animated film that mixes magical realism with a heartfelt coming-of-age tale. Its stunning animation, well-advanced characters, and poignant issues make it a memorable addition to the style of Japanese animation. While it can no longer be ideal, its strengths a long way outweigh its weaknesses, supplying a touching and visually delightful experience for visitors.

Rating: 8/10

“A Whisker Away” is a must look ahead to fans of lively films and those who appreciate memories that delve into the complexities of the human (and feline) heart. Whether you are seeking out a fantastic getaway or a heartfelt narrative. This film is sure to leave a long-lasting influence.

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